What is the art process?

We live in a society that is product and goal oriented. We are constantly focused on the outcome. Aside from the stress that this mode of being induces, it totally stifles the creative process. Art stimulates and develops the imagination and critical thinking, and refines cognitive, physical, emotional and creative skills. We are creative when we experiment, question, use our imagination and shift perceptions. The idea behind “The Art Process” is to unleash creativity by focusing on the process of art using a variety of materials.


1. To remove blocks or obstacles to the creative process.

2. Find a new way to problem solve in art,life and the workplace.

Children below a certain age are process oriented, so they are already in “The Art Process” mode.

Our emphasis with teaching children is multi faceted:

1. Engage them more fully in “the art process” by encouraging exploration, experimentation and individuality in a nurturing, non judgmental environment.

2. Encourage a relationship to art and art history by exposing them to various styles, artists and cultures.