How much time do we devote to art making?

I have been thinking about this idea about time in the studio: the difference between chopped up time and sequential time.

Don't get me wrong, ANY time in the studio is of value. However, when I squeeze in art time between other tasks, I tend to avoid going deeper into my process. It seems that I am starting again each time and not assigning it the value that it deserves. When I devote a good few hours, or a whole day to my painting, there is no question that I swim in deeper waters at the same time while valuing my art process more.

In my full day fearless art making workshop, we delved really deeply into our process and began a real relationship with both the painting and the ACT of painting.  I will be holding monthly day long workshops coming up, so stay tuned.

Even better, join me for TWO WHOLE DAYS on a retreat in OJAI: September 16th, 17th. The Peppertree Retreat is a magical place and I would love you to join me there as we delve deeper into what art making means to us. There will also be meditation and optional yoga and hiking.