Why Mixed Media Art Classes are great for Beginners’ Mind

What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit. 
— John Updike

Creative Coach

I call myself a “creative coach”. I prefer that term. Since I believe in everyone’s innate creative nature, I cannot teach what you already are yearning to express. My goal is to provide materials, inspiration, guidance and encouragement to support your creative expression. A coach is more of a guide or mentor who helps you find YOUR creative voice.

Why Mixed Media and Collage?

I have found that using various mediums in my art classes in Los Angeles, allows for a certain breathing space, a reducing of the fear related to putting that brushstroke onto a blank canvas. In our classes we focus on making papers that we use in collage work. Since these papers made with paint are not products in themselves, we feel a certain freedom in creating them not knowing how they will be used later in a mixed media and collage piece. I have seen students blossoming in a way that is so inspiring. Read my blog on Art as Therapy and you will understand its enormous value.

why I love my all day mixed media workshops in los angeles

If you watch the video above, you will see that everyone’s work is entirely different. These one day workshops have become my favorite coaching experiences. I’m fortunate to have a studio surrounded by calming and inspiring nature. These days become like “mini retreats”. The process unfolds through my changing, guiding prompts that allow the artists to remain present at each stage of their artwork without worrying about the final product. The 6 hour art making experience allows for everyone to develop their individual piece within our supportive creative community. I invite you to explore our various offerings and find an opportunity to jump into the art process and feel the liberating benefits of creativity without judgment.

Kathy Leader