"Kathy has given me the gift of liberating my creativity so that I no longer feel intimidated by result. Her class is about experiencing art as a fun, fluid process, constantly evolving. The use of pedestrian materials; cardboard, magazines and phonebook pages, deli paper and paint helps to make art less precious and more attainable." -Michelle
"The words I use for Kathy's class: balanced, energizing , engaging and fostering (a love of art)." - Joe
"We have a true artist in the making in our family thanks to your love and devotion to art." -Deb
"Kathy, you are an amazing instructor and you bring inspiration and thoughtfulness to the artistic process!"
"Kathy's unique approach is to create strong bond for the children and the art making, to open possibilities of creative path, to encourage experimentation. Each week children are presented with new materials and concepts to explore. As a result do not get surprised if your child comes home with a totally unique and gorgeous piece of art and will talk to you about Kandinsky, texture, composition and color arrangement!" -Zhenya (Artist and Art Historian)
“Kathy Leader is an inspiring artist and art teacher who has the unique ability to bring out your own true creative artist!  Through her friendly, calm presence,  a nurturing space is created in which you can explore your individuality within the art process. She incorporates a mindful approach supporting openness  and non-judgment; thus offering freedom for the student to express their full spectrum of creativity.” Jahna Perricone, CMF Voice Teacher/UCLA Certified Mindfulness Instructor

Michele's testimonial