Fun with Paper

Sometimes its just fun to play with paper and not take it all too seriously! In this collage, I experimented with what paper can do when you cut, fold, roll, twirl and stick! I'll be doing this project at the imagination station during the Venice Art Walk this Sunday May 21st. Come and check it out:

Uploaded by Kathy Leader on 2017-05-19.

The Art Process & Why I Love Working With Children!

As art makers we have so much to learn from children. They intuitively know how to engage in the PROCESS of making art. Its an experience for them, a journey, not an end product.

In this art lesson I played a whole lot of different music and gave them chalks and paper and let them just react to the music. Look what came out! Not one child didn’t know how to begin. Not one child asked if they were doing it “right”. Not one child said that they didn’t like what they were doing. They were full engaged in THE ART PROCESS. That is why I love working with children and why I call my studio THE ART PROCESS. I want all adults to be inspired by this idea. Making art is a journey of self discovery and when we can let go of the end product, we are surprised at what comes out.

Fear and Art Making

“I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing that I wanted to do.”  Georgia O’Keeffe

This is my favorite quote because it acknowledges that fear doesn’t go away, it is something that we artists learn to live with and not give it as much power as we tend to. The best antidote is to just create, create, create…

The following picture is of my students fearlessly painting with a long brush on a large piece of paper on the floor and then cutting 

fear and art making + the art process + kathy leader
fear and art + kathy leader + the art process

Exploring Mediums: Water Soluble Marker

Amazing discoveries happen when you allow yourself to play with one medium, in the case of the video, a water soluble marker. In this month’s adult mixed media class we are working on discovering variety in lines and marks, all expressions of different types of emotional energy. Try to use only one color and one medium, I always start with black. The paintings are done on large paper with a long handled brush, then cut up into smaller pieces. Amazing energy!!!

Earth Day at The Art Process

What better way to celebrate Mother Earth on Earth Day, April 22nd than in The Art Process garden studio? With all ages from kids to adults, I led a guided meditation in the garden, slowing us down to listen to the birds and learning to to appreciate nature by collecting flowers, leaves, sticks, stones to create these magnificent mandalas from nature.

earth day + the art process
kathy leader + earth day