Do you have a conversation with your paintings?

Do you have a dialogue with your paintings?

My painting talks to me sometimes gently and sometimes screaming out at me. I talk back with paint and we begin a conversation…That conversation often reveals something to me of my state of mind, an awareness that I would not otherwise discover. Paint allows me to access that subconscious state without me even knowing it. Thats what I LOVE about the art process. When you are stuck, grab a color and paint over an area that’s not working for you. Whats the worst that can happen? You wipe it off and then surprises pop up as the layers become more complex and actually I liked what happened when I started wiping more vigorously in the piece below. Its not done, its in process. Are we ok with process? Do we have to have a product? How about seeing painting as a journey of self discovery in the same way that our lives are a journey of self discovery. We don't stop at a certain stage and say: "That's it. I'm done. I know all I need to know." No, we continue to search, to ask the difficult questions and hopefully to be open to what comes next...I would love you to join me on this search, try a workshop or better still, come to Ojai with me in September for 2 full days of immersion into the art process. hugs to you all.... 

having a dialogue with your painting