HELP! Where do I go to find art shows to visit in Los Angeles?

art in LA

Working on my own in my art studio can be a lonely endeavor. I find myself energized, inspired and part of a community (of artists and viewers) when I visit galleries and museums in Los Angeles. Somehow I feel connected to the fabric of humanity by viewing art. Even if I don't particularly respond to certain art pieces, I am curious about what it is that the artist is/was grappling with. Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't. But ALWAYS I admire the courage of artists to delve deep and bare their souls. 

Los Angeles has a booming contemporary art scene that is very exciting but can be slightly overwhelming. Where do I go to learn about what shows are on, openings worth going to and just learning about the location and existence of new galleries?

These WEBSITES are my go -to places to find out what's happening in LA:

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Kathy Leader