Another inspiring mixed media fearless art making workshop in my LA art studio

Those of you who know how I mentor will understand that Im all about the art making process. Being fearless in the studio is tough, for me too. Constant questions come up: "Im stuck", "What happens if I ruin" it etc. etc...

This past Saturday, in a sold out mixed media workshop,  I had the good fortune to have 10 brave artists in my tree lined Los Angeles studio. I always start us off with a meditation. That seems to bring us out of our heads and into our senses in a more open way.  We did some loose drawing of our surroundings, observing nature's lines, shapes and  textures. Then we created some gorgeous papers to use in a collage overlay and used paint over that.  Watch the short movie and you will be blown away as I was! I welcome your comments. And if you are interested I have many more workshops and a retreat coming up in the next few months. Check out my schedule at


observations from the recent mixed media art workshop, los angeles