Can Anyone Learn to Draw?

Drawing is not really very difficult. Seeing is the problem, or, to be more specific, shifting to a particular way of seeing.
— Betty Edwards

Remember, it is a Process

I call my studio “The Art Process” studio for important reasons. By not necessarily focusing on the product, I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the meditative quality of art making, but specifically I am referring to the shift from left brain to right brain that occurs when you enter the “zone” of drawing what you see.

Importance of Self-Discovery

In her book, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, Betty Edwards speaks about the fact that learning to draw helps you learn to see and gain access to your intuitive and imaginative powers. This is an important aspect of my “Art Process” work. The self discovery is as enlightening as the experience itself.

When we encourage kids to take music, acting or art classes, it is not because we want them to become performers or artists. We sign them up to enhance their human experience so that they can reap the benefits of using their brain’s full capacity.


No Experience Necessary

In all of my mixed media art workshops in Los Angeles, I welcome anyone who is a first time art maker. Often those people are less judgmental about their own work since they have no previous work to compare it to. I will be introducing the full range of artistic tools for anyone who just wants to try out what it is like to be immersed at least for a day in the healing, enlightening powers of “The Art Process”. I always will have a “Drawing for Beginners” workshop during the year. However, it will be drawing with freedom and flow….

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