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Museums as the New Form of Meditation

Restorative Power of Art Museums

I will be launching a museum/gallery visiting program in the coming weeks. In addition to the process of art making, current research finds that the physical space of an art museum can be a restorative environment that boosts general wellbeing. While visiting art museums recently myself, I have noticed the recharging effect it has on me. I instinctively respond to the quietness of the rooms filled with nothing but art, the atmosphere of reverence towards the pieces and the almost spiritual feel of the space.

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Creativity, mid life and getting back to art after a long hiatus

Remember when mid life meant changing your car or your partner? There is now a new awareness that one of the best ways to pursue a meaningful life when your kids have left home or you have retired from work, is through creativity.  Art workshops and classes are thriving for this demographic and for good reason.

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