Creativity, mid life and getting back to art after a long hiatus

Can art fill the empty nest?

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ~Pablo Picasso

mixed media art workshops with The Art Process Studio, Los Angeles

mixed media art workshops with The Art Process Studio, Los Angeles


Remember when mid life meant changing your car or your partner? There is now a new awareness that one of the best ways to pursue a meaningful life when your kids have left home or you have retired from work, is through creativity.  Art workshops and classes are thriving for this demographic and for good reason.

Do you need to have an art background to take an art class during mid life?

NO!!! NO!!! In The Art Process Studio, Los Angeles, we focus on the PROCESS of art making. By taking away the focus from the final product you will experience the healing power of the creative process. Who knows where that will lead? Many people have reported a stirring up of old creative passions, a great outlet, even combatting anxiety and depression. After focusing for so many years on external needs, it is now time to go inwards, to nurture yourself and stir up old creative desires. At our mixed media art classes and workshops in Los Angeles, you will discover a like minded community of fellow creatives moving onto their next chapter and reinventing themselves.