Starting or Restarting your Creative Journey: Choosing Art classes; Workshops; or Retreats?

You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul
— George B Shaw

Choosing where to start exploring my creativity in Los Angeles

I have been asked many times by people looking to get back into their creativity after a long break or if they are exploring their creativity for the first time, where the best place to start is. Should they choose a weekly 6 week session; a one day workshop or an extended retreat?

The reason that I create 3 different options is manyfold:

  1. Weekly classes Pros: Provide you with the opportunity to really evolve in your art process in a continuous way under the gentle guidance of me, your facilitator. If you’re having a difficult time carving out space and time for YOU, this is a time once a week where you can get away from the challenges of daily life and work in a peaceful, nurturing environment amongst a supportive and inspiring art community.

  2. Monthly Saturday drop in workshops. If you’re having difficulty getting to our studio during the week because of work or traffic issues, this is an ideal “mini art retreat”. You will be guided through a process oriented mixed media project for one whole day. Lunch is in the garden with our beautiful creative community. This often jumpstarts the creative process and inspires you to keep on creating.

  3. Extended Art Retreat: These are the ultimate way to support your practice while getting out of the city and really recharging your spirit and creativity. Weekend retreats in Ojai annually incorporate meditation, hiking and food! Our Ojai retreat is coming up October 26-27 and is filling up fast! International retreats will be on our schedule in 2020.