The Value of Art Retreats: 5 reasons to join our mixed media Ojai retreat Oct 26-27

  1. Stuck in your art practice? A CHANGE in environment is ALWAYS a kickstarter. We will be experimenting with new mixed media layering techniques and talk about the magic of COLOR.

  2. When do you give yourself 2 WHOLE DAYS to make art when you’re at home trying to balance your various responsibilities? You’ll have time to really focus on finding your creative voice without outside distractions.

  3. Creating in community is supportive, inspiring and an immersive experience. BRING A FRIEND!

  4. Breathing the fresh air of the Ojai Valley awakens our senses and blows away the cobwebs making us more free to CREATE!

  5. You deserve this gift to yourself. SELF CARE! We are always giving to others but rarely value the art of giving to ourselves.

Watch the video below for a taste of our Ojai Mixed media Art Retreats