The Healing Power of Art

“most of my art grows out of the need to express pain”

So many people still question the healing power of art. As often as I try to explain to someone how art can heal, sometimes words just art enough. They need to see it to believe it. A beautiful documentary is available for any naysayers to watch and walk away with a clearer understanding of the healing qualities of art.

I urge you to see this inspiring 40 minute documentary, “Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405,” by Frank Steifel. Major mental illness had caused Mindy Alper to be committed to mental institutions for many years of her life. She survived abuse at home and a 10 year period without the ability to speak. At the age of 4 she began studying art and drew images of her experiences as a way of coping.  Her art has allowed her to emerge from darkness and isolation to a life that includes love, trust and support.

After watching this movie, you will understand the healing power of creativity and why I encourage ALL ages and stages to try the art process as a way of accessing your inner world. In my mixed media and collage classes in Los Angeles through meditation, writing and experimenting, I encourage participants to feel the healing power of art.