How meditation heightens our creativity

Meditate and Create Art Workshop

Yesterday was a windy day in the garden next to the art process studio. As we meditated, I reminded everyone to breathe the wind in and breathe out into the wind, a way of connecting us to our environment. As we sat in silence, breathing in and out as the wind swirled around us, I was reminded of my days growing up in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, known as "the windy city". I developed an antipathy towards the wind. I saw it as a combatant, an element that I had to fight against just to simply cross the street. I began to wonder about what would happen if I didn't fight the wind, but tried to breathe with it...just a thought. 

What was created after out meditation was nothing short of breathtaking. The mandalas that were created from the natural environment in total silence, reflected everyone's personal story. Take a look at the video and you will be inspired to join one of our workshops in the future and discover the value of mindful creating. Check out the schedule at Namaste