Where does creativity come from: Nature vs Nurture

Is creativity learned or an inborn quality?

I believe that everyone is born with the creative instinct. The early cave painters intuitively expressed their daily needs (hunting for food) and dangers (attacks by animals) on the cave walls. That creative drive opened the door to innovative use of plant materials to create color which was used as paint. Early cave dwelling society clearly supported such an activity and one could argue even elevated it. Artists were “shamans”, healers and spiritual connectors.

Can creativity be nurtured or suppressed at home?

YES! NOT being creative seems to be a learned reaction.

In an article written in 2016 for Quora by Shulamit Widowsky, a mental health practitioner and writer, Edison is sited as an example.

“Edison clearly was born with a drive to experiment, even when it led to explosions and getting fired, but it seems he was also born into a family that supported his drive to experiment. Still, his extreme abilities in creativity were not just something he was born with, he learned things through study with as much drive as he had to try things”. So the question remains as to whether he would have gone on to make his groundbreaking discoveries had his home life not nurtured his creative drive.

The Art Process Studio in Los Angeles is designed to encourage open creative expression

Our mixed media classes and workshops are based on the belief that unique personal expression is achieved through experimentation, encouragement and accessibility. ALL levels of art makers are invited to participate in our programs. The results are tangible. I have heard participants say that they came to try out the art process for fun and were so excited by the creativity that arose. Take a minute to look at the exciting work on my website that has been made by people who have never done any art before. My job as a facilitator is to access what nature has instilled in us.

What do you think? Is nature more dominant than nurture or vice versa? Please let me know what you think about this fascinating subject in the comment section.

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