Reflecting on 2018 at The Art Process

Last night I was looking back at my many photographs taken in the Art Process Studio during 2018. What struck me as I browsed through the different experiences was this common thread: The enormous creativity, enthusiasm and openness to the art process, and the acknowledgment that somehow creativity was a way to make their lives (and the lives of their children) richer and more fulfilling.  For many participants, this was their first time doing any art. For others, it was a way back into territory that had been dormant for many years.


 Kids Art Classes

Our year began with a few family art workshops. One that I absolutely LOVE, is the annual Valentine’s day workshop. It was thrilling to see all generations together in the studio bonding as they were making art side by side on a day that represents love.

Another favorite class is the kids immersive weekly classes. I taught a variety of art experiences from learning about other cultures to experimenting with paint, clay, recycled materials, color mixing and nature as art.

Since the art studio is located overlooking a canyon amongst the trees, we harnessed the bounty of nature to create mandalas; paintbrushes made from nature, cave painting with natural materials and installations inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Children are a joy to work with and I am grateful for each one who came to my classes.

Summer camp of course is always a big hit. This year we “travelled” to different countries to experience the art and culture of distant lands.  Then came the ever popular Science and Art camp with beloved, Kriss, the Science specialist. Creating science “experiments” using art is always a huge hit among children.


 Art Classes for Adults

For the adults mixed media and collage classes in Los Angeles, we continued to push the boundaries of the materials, experimenting with new processes and ideas. I was blown away by the amazingly brave, intuitive work coming out of these classes.

The monthly one-day workshops were a HUGE success, most of them sold out (thank you). These days were like a mini retreat combining meditation and art process work in a beautiful garden setting with music, tea on the deck, and a happy puppy dog, Osa. The work produced was awe-inspiring.

I was happy to be leading many corporate art workshops during the year. It was so gratifying to see tech companies in a high stress industry giving their workers the opportunity to have art as an outlet. There is no doubt in my mind that those hard working employees were given a valuable gift of creativity as a morale booster.

 Mindfulness in Art

I also had the opportunity to work with a spiritual community, the Leo Baeckk Community in Los Angeles where art was used as a tool for self discovery and introspection.

A special highlight of the year was the 2 day Ojai retreat held at the Peppertree retreat center. The magnificent art pavilion overlooked the orange orchards in the valley inspiring 2 full days of delving into the art process on large pieces of canvas. Amongst an inspiring and nurturing community, participating in the creation of art.

Thank you to everyone who opened their minds and hearts to The Art Process. I continue to be grateful to all who participate in this work. I am looking forward to new and exciting experiences in 2019 as we move forward in the best possible way through the avenues of creativity and community.